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The first specialized store for Basketball opens in Bergamo – Technical lighting shops

Finally the first specialized store for Basketball opens in Bergamo, B-LAB is in via Lenzi 8 in Bergamo (BG).

You know, shoes and clothing are often very gaudy and to enhance the colors, fabrics and workmanship of the products on display, in this project we used a technical lighting shops for high color rendering shops Cri 95 Typ . 4000K natural white, with the following products

Wally adjustable to precisely illuminate exposed objects with a low degree of glare UGR 19
Wally recessed as lighting in transit areas while maintaining a reduced glare grade UGR 19
Big with a double L composition between the wall and the ceiling as a lighting for the window and the mirror
Power In XL UGR12 suspension for lighting the cash desk area. This new version of Power In Xl has a degree of glare never seen before equal to a UGR 12.

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