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VairusAir purifier

VairusAir purifier, the winner of the Archiproducts Design Awards 2020, is a new air purification system designed to be installed like a lamp. Typically, air purifiers are placed on the floor and have considerable dimensions. The Vairus concept design was born more than a year ago, with the primary objectives of miniaturization and the ability to manage it with lamps as if it were a lamp itself. Inside it, there is an advanced technology that harnesses the oxidizing properties of Titanium Dioxide TiO2 combined with UV-A light. This allows us not to work like traditional air purifiers with HEPA filters, which only trap particles and require frequent filter replacement, but rather to oxidize and destroy organic substances that pass through the TiO2 cells inside Vairus. Thanks to a particular management of internal fluid dynamics, we are able to create a powerful yet silent air vortex. At minimum settings, it has a noise level of 15dBa, and at maximum power, with 50dBa, it can handle 126 cubic meters of air per hour. Vairus is a system that actively purifies the air and should remain in operation as much as possible to ensure continuous reduction of harmful substances in the air. Thanks to the management system with the Casambi APP that uses Bluetooth Mesh technology, you can set fan speed, turn it on and off, schedule start times, create scenarios, add the device to the lighting network, control it remotely from anywhere in the world, and view real-time air quality. Through the cloud, you can also view historical data on air quality categorized by volatile substances. Vairus, depending on the chosen model, can be installed just like a lamp in the following versions: - 230Vac Electrified Rail - Ceiling and Wall - Semi-recessed - Table For each mounting system, three versions are available, differing only in IoT management and sensors. The filtering part is always the same: - PURE: On/off connection directly to the power line. Vairus will always operate at 100% (Not available for the table version). - SMART: Speed/noise management, timing, scenarios, integration into lighting networks, remote control, air quality sensor with temperature, pressure, humidity, and VOC. The entire system is managed through the Casambi APP, and you can view air data directly on your smartphone and tablet or remotely. Visit www.vairusair.it for more information.

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