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Light Lines

Lines of light, luminous profiles, recessed light cuts, linear lamps... Design, electronics, and metal alloys merge.

In the Light Lines section, you will find all our highly customizable, made-to-measure linear lighting solutions. Our customized linear lamps and LED light lines are designed to deliver high color rendering, energy efficiency, and visual comfort. Our made-to-measure LED light lines are ideal for creating unique lighting effects. With the ability to customize length, shape, finish, mounting, and light intensity, you can create lighting compositions that meet specific requirements. LED light lines offer high color rendering, accurately and beautifully reproducing colors, ensuring that your environments and displayed products are well illuminated. We pay great attention to visual comfort and use UGR control technologies to ensure glare-free lighting, creating a comfortable and productive work environment in offices. Visual comfort is a priority for us, and our customized lighting solutions are designed to provide uniform and pleasant light, reducing visual fatigue and enhancing occupants' well-being. All our products are dimmable via DALI-PUSH or with Casambi, thanks to its intuitive interface, which turns any mobile device into an advanced lighting controller, making it extraordinarily user-friendly for both residential and professional users. Casambi leverages Bluetooth Low Energy technology for energy-efficient communication between devices, ensuring significant energy savings. Its commitment to sustainability goes further by reducing cable usage and minimizing CO2 emissions compared to traditional lighting systems. Casambi represents not only the future of lighting but also a step toward a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. Tunable White light and the circadian rhythm are increasingly important aspects of architectural lighting. We offer Tunable White lighting solutions in most of our products, allowing you to adjust the color temperature to match different times of the day and support occupants' well-being. This innovative technology can create different atmospheres, promoting relaxation or stimulating focus, depending on specific area requirements. For our lamps, as standard, we use high color rendering CRI 95 and offer the option of using Sunlike LEDs. Sunlike LED technology faithfully simulates the full solar spectrum. This advanced technology has been developed to reproduce natural sunlight, offering numerous benefits for human well-being and health. Thanks to Sunlike LED technology, you can enjoy more natural light, reproducing the same colors and visible details as sunlight. This type of lighting offers superior color rendering, allowing you to perceive colors more accurately and vividly. This is particularly important in sectors such as art, design, clothing, and retail lighting, where color accuracy is crucial. Sunlike LED light can positively influence our circadian rhythm, regulating our sleep-wake cycles. This technology allows for dynamic lighting that can adapt to different times of the day, promoting a natural balance and improving sleep quality. This aspect is particularly relevant in environments such as offices, hospitals, and schools, where a proper circadian rhythm can enhance productivity and well-being. The customization of our LED linear lamps is at the highest level. We offer a wide range of finishes to choose from, such as RAL colors, anodization, wrapping, and metallic effects, to achieve a unique and distinctive look. Our production is entirely Made in Italy, ensuring high-quality standards and attention to detail. Thanks to tailored production to the tenth of a millimeter, you can use light lines for coves, furnishings, suspensions, light cuts, and much more. Essenzialed is synonymous with Made in Italy production. We are committed to offering superior quality products, crafted with care and attention to detail, from LED board development to the assembly of the finished lamp. Every made-to-measure linear lamp and LED light line we create is the result of craftsmanship combined with the use of the most advanced lighting technologies. Our dedication to excellence allows us to provide customized lighting solutions that meet the highest expectations. Many of our linear systems are certified for the UL standards required in the American and Canadian markets. Verify the cETLus Listed certification.

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