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Wall appliques

Our LED wall appliques are made of plaster, offering the opportunity for customization through painting to your liking once installed. We take pride in providing products with high efficiency and color rendering, ensuring superior quality lighting. Our LED wall appliques are the ideal choice to add a touch of style and functionality to the walls of your spaces. Whether you're looking for decorative indoor lighting for residential settings or an elegant solution for commercial spaces, our wall lamps are designed to meet your needs. Thanks to advanced LED technology, we offer efficient and durable lighting that will help you save on energy costs and enjoy long-lasting fixtures. Tunable White light and the circadian rhythm are becoming increasingly important in architectural lighting. We offer Tunable White lighting solutions on most of our products, allowing you to adjust the color temperature to match different times of the day and support the well-being of occupants. This innovative technology can create various atmospheres, promoting relaxation or stimulating focus, depending on the specific needs of the areas. The standard versions have high color rendering (CRI 95), and you can also choose Sunlike LED technology, which faithfully simulates the complete solar spectrum. This advanced technology has been developed to reproduce natural sunlight, offering numerous benefits for human well-being and health. Thanks to Sunlike LED technology, you can enjoy more natural light, reproducing the same colors and visible details as sunlight. This type of lighting offers superior color rendering, allowing you to perceive colors more accurately and vividly. This is particularly important in sectors such as art, design, clothing, and retail lighting, where color accuracy is essential. Sunlike LED light can positively influence our circadian rhythm, which regulates our sleep-wake cycles. This technology allows for dynamic lighting that can adapt to different times of the day, promoting a natural balance and improving sleep quality. This aspect is particularly relevant in environments such as offices, hospitals, and schools, where a proper circadian rhythm can enhance productivity and well-being.

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