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Recessed lights

High efficiency and superior color rendering in an impeccable design. A wide range of flush ceiling LED recessed lights, downlights, and high-quality spots.

Welcome to the Essenzialed family of LED spotlights, where you'll find a wide range of high-quality LED recessed lights, LED spotlights, and magnetic LED recessed lights. Our Made in Italy products represent excellence in lighting design, combining high efficiency and superior color rendering with impeccable design. Our collection of trimless lamps offers a discreet and refined lighting solution, perfect for modern environments. These LED spotlights, flush-mounted in the ceiling, create a clean and continuous light effect without visual interruptions. Each product in our catalog is designed with a wide range of optics to ensure the perfect light for every setting. From focused lighting options to LED spotlights that distribute light more broadly, we can meet all your lighting needs. Furthermore, all our LED products are dimmable. Thanks to the Dali, Push, and Casambi systems, you can adjust the light intensity according to your needs, creating the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. Tunable White and the circadian rhythm are increasingly important aspects of architectural lighting. We offer Tunable White lighting solutions on most of our products, allowing you to adjust the color temperature to fit different times of the day and support the well-being of occupants. This innovative technology can create diverse atmospheres, promoting relaxation or stimulating focus, depending on the specific requirements of the space. Our standard versions feature a high color rendering index (CRI) of 95, and you can also choose Sunlike LED technology, faithfully simulating the full solar spectrum. This advanced technology has been developed to reproduce natural sunlight, offering numerous benefits for human well-being and health. With Sunlike LED technology, you can enjoy more natural light that accurately reproduces colors and visible details as seen in sunlight. This type of lighting offers superior color rendering, allowing you to perceive colors more accurately and vividly. This is particularly important in sectors such as art, design, fashion, and retail lighting, where color accuracy is crucial. Sunlike LED lighting can positively influence our circadian rhythm, regulating our sleep and wake cycles. This technology enables dynamic lighting that can adapt to different times of the day, promoting a natural balance and improving sleep quality. This aspect is especially relevant in environments such as offices, hospitals, and schools, where a proper circadian rhythm can enhance productivity and well-being.

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