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LED modules

Our essence shines in rigid circuit LED modules, a symbol of lighting that combines quality, energy efficiency, and longevity

The essence of our offering lies in rigid circuit LED modules, a testament to the superb quality and attention to detail of Made in Italy. These high-quality products, made with state-of-the-art LEDs, are designed to provide unparalleled energy efficiency and long life, delivering intense and consistent light for any environment. At Essenzialed, we are committed to providing high-quality lighting products that are not only functional but also sustainable. We firmly believe that efficient lighting should not come at the expense of the environment, and we strive to create products that help reduce the ecological footprint through Italian craftsmanship combined with the most advanced LED technology. It is crucial to emphasize that our rigid LED circuits not only boast maximum luminous efficiency but also remarkable light uniformity along the entire length of the lamp. This is made possible by the use of onboard direct current (DC) regulators instead of traditional resistors, ensuring a constant light output and minimizing the possibility of fluctuations in brightness. At Essenzialed, we recognize the importance of color, which is why we carefully select our LEDs based on their Standard Deviation of Color Matching (SDCM), a measure of color variation that allows us to ensure optimal color consistency in all our products. SDCM is a key parameter in evaluating the color quality of an LED. A low SDCM value indicates less perceivable color difference between different light sources, ensuring more uniform brightness and more accurate color. This attention to detail allows us to offer our customers a range of lighting products that not only provide efficient and eco-friendly lighting but also high-quality color reproduction, enhancing the visual experience in any space. At Essenzialed, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. That's why all our LED light sources comply with the European Union's new Ecodesign regulations, a set of requirements that promote energy efficiency and the reduction of the environmental impact of products. In addition to complying with these regulations, we are proud to announce that all our products are registered on EPREL, the EU Energy Product Register. This public database provides detailed information on energy efficiency and other product specifications, making it easier for consumers to make informed and sustainable choices.

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