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Holey magnetic system

An innovative system that opens a new world for indoor lighting.

Holey is a magnetic system specifically designed to integrate and disappear 100% within environments. This project was born to innovate and take indoor architectural lighting to a new level. The idea stems from the need to propose a new lighting system for Retail that, without the use of electrified tracks, could offer equally high flexibility in moving and installing products without the aesthetic burden of the classic ceiling track. Holey is a low-voltage 48V magnetic system and can be installed in any material, from drywall and wood to concrete, marble, and metal alloys; there are no limits. Holey has an opening of only 30mm and inside it can connect projectors, suspensions, linear lamps, and much more in the future. The peculiarity of Holey is that it can have "caps" that allow it to disappear or create a specific design with contrasting materials. With HOLEY, it's possible to change products simply and quickly without the use of tools or qualified personnel. At any time, it's possible to change the product's position, use a more powerful spot, or perhaps put a suspension. Inside, orientable products can rotate 360° without any limit.

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