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Floor lamps

Lighting meets the art of interior design. We create lamps capable of enriching and enhancing any space.

Introducing our captivating range of floor lamps, where lighting meets the art of interior design. Our unique products are born from the harmonious fusion of materials such as stone, carbon, aluminum, and electronics, creating floor lamps with character that enrich and enhance any space. In the CaraVecchiaLampadina line, the charm of the past merges with the present, creating floor lamps that tell stories and create atmospheres. These lamps are not just sources of light but also decorative elements that add an elegant and personal touch to any environment. In addition to their beauty, our floor lamps are distinguished by their refined finishes and the use of natural stones, which add a touch of naturalness and authenticity. These details make every Essenzialed floor lamp a true design furnishing element. Explore our range of floor lamps and find the perfect model to illuminate and enrich your space. With Essenzialed, lighting becomes a fundamental element of interior design, capable of shaping and characterizing every environment.

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