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Maximum visual comfort

EDO, new store in Corsica in Ajaccio.

For this project we have aimed for maximum visual comfort using POWER IN XL with WALLY, ideal for lighting for shops.

First of all warm light 3000K high color rendering. Direct light gives a soft effect of 1135lm / mt. The indirect light creates a welcoming and well-lit atmosphere with 2270lm / mt and, for the lighting of the garments, we added WALLY ORIENTABILE with 30 ° optics every 50cm. Wally can be tilted to 90 ° and oriented to 360 ° and thanks to its special optics has a very low degree of glare.

Each light line measures 13 meters and thanks to the innovative system of PWXL connections we do not have interruptions of light ensuring maximum ease of installation.

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