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VHC Container Restaurant


At the heart of Italian culinary innovation, the VHC Container Restaurant represents a cutting-edge architectural structure, the first of its kind in our country, challenging conventions and redefining the concept of a restaurant. The architecture of this extraordinary structure was brought to life by welding containers together, creating a surprising environment that combines craftsmanship and innovation. A distinctive element of this space is the bold use of black, extending seamlessly from floor to ceiling, crafting a moody and captivating atmosphere that captures the attention of visitors.

The lighting presented an intriguing challenge. The client aimed to minimize the use of light, creating focal points only on the tables and in essential areas. To meet this request, we employed track lighting systems, offering maximum flexibility in adapting the lighting to the variable table configurations, addressing a common challenge faced by many restaurants. This approach has created a distinctive and modern style, known as the “Dark Style,” which seamlessly merges darkness with elegance, conjuring a suggestive and captivating atmosphere.

A pivotal element of this project is the management of lights through the Casambi system, enabling precise and flexible control over all lights, ensuring that the lighting always complements the desired atmosphere.

The VHC Container Restaurant has become an icon of architecture and design, transforming the concept of culinary and visual experience. Our involvement in this visionary project has contributed to creating a unique and comfortable environment for visitors, making this place an extraordinary and unforgettable culinary destination.

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