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Luxury Store


A prestigious luxury jewelry brand, renowned for crafting world-renowned masterpieces in the form of jewelry and unparalleled timepieces, opens its store in Riyadh. We collaborated to create a store that embodies luxury in every detail, including the lighting.

Within the glass showcases, where treasures of jewelry are safeguarded, we introduced our product PILLAR incasso. This solution is a true technological gem. Thanks to its Tunable White function, which adjusts the color temperature from 2700K to 5700K, you can tailor the light to complement the exhibited jewelry. In simple terms, this function allows you to fine-tune the light temperature to bring out the details and colors of the jewelry optimally. Intelligent management with Casambi enables the creation of the perfect atmosphere for each piece, ensuring that every precious gem shines in its unique light.

In the ceilings, we created elegant light cuts using the linear lamp Classic, interspersed with circular spotlights Mood Round. This combination elevated the spaces, adding further refinement and highlighting the details of the displayed jewelry.

In this project, lighting was the key to enhancing the beauty of the brand’s exclusive jewelry and timepieces. With Essenzialed, we transformed every corner of this jewelry store into a luminous showcase of luxury, where each gem shines in its unique splendor.

If you are interested in the product and/or if you simply want to receive further information, write to us.
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