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Luxury Hotel

Saint Moritz

In the captivating landscape of Saint Moritz, where snow-covered mountains set the backdrop for tales of luxury and tradition, emerges an architectural masterpiece: a luxury hotel crafted from the renovation of an old farmhouse.
This structure blends historic charm with modern opulence, paying homage to its roots through the preservation of wooden ceilings and stone load-bearing walls, while indulging in furnishings, floors, and carpets of pure elegance and luxury.

The challenge was twofold: to ensure lighting that could enhance every single detail of this elite structure while maintaining a discreet approach that wouldn’t compromise the authentic aesthetics of the spaces. The chosen solution was to opt for linear lights seamlessly integrated into the furnishings, beams, walls, and coves. This choice not only allowed the light sources to “disappear” in the eyes of the guests but also created exciting and suggestive lighting effects that interact with surfaces and spaces, emphasizing the depth and character of the environments.

Thanks to this meticulous lighting design, every room in the hotel transforms into a unique experience: from the soft light that enhances the textures of luxurious carpets to the grazing light that highlights the roughness and history of stone walls, and the concealed lights in the ceiling beams that provide an intimate and welcoming atmosphere.

In conclusion, this renovation in Saint Moritz represents a perfect fusion of tradition and innovation, where lighting plays a key role in enhancing elegance and luxury without ever overshadowing the authenticity and character of the original structure.

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