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Glauco Cavaciuti Art Gallery


The primary challenge was to adapt the lighting to artworks with ever-changing shapes and dimensions while maintaining true-to-life color rendering. To achieve this goal, we employed Sunlike technology, ensuring impeccable color accuracy.

The cornerstone of this solution was Essenzialed’s ZETA + system. Compact yet powerful, ZETA + offers a wide range of interchangeable optics that can be replaced on-site. This feature allowed us to precisely tailor the beam openings and lighting effects for each artwork. To ensure complete control over the lighting, each product is equipped with the Casambi system, enabling precise management of each spotlight. Every artwork deserves the right light, and with Casambi and a comprehensive range of optics and filters, this possibility became a tangible reality.

Quoting the words of Vincent van Gogh, the famous Dutch painter, *”Light is a remarkable thing; just a little light is enough to see, but too much light blinds.”* This project exemplifies the crucial importance of light in contemporary art, showcasing how it can unveil the hidden beauty of artworks. With Essenzialed, we have turned this vision into reality.

Products used
Zeta + Holey
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