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Saleri Pharmacy


Imagine walking into a pharmacy and feeling as if you’ve stepped into a luxury retail space. This is the experience when entering the pharmacy designed and constructed by AMlab in Brescia. A place aiming to break the conventional perception of pharmacies by introducing an innovative space with a sophisticated design.

The first visual impact comes from the polygonal shapes that span from the ceiling to the walls, creating a three-dimensional effect. Complementing this ceiling perfectly, our Wide pendant lights follow its design, ensuring uniform lighting and creating a warm and enveloping atmosphere. And it’s not just about aesthetics: all the lights used boast a high color rendering index of CRI95, ensuring every product is illuminated in its truest, most natural light.

The perimeter furnishings, which house the products, shine brightly under our Spottone Round lights. These lights, with their ability to be pulled out and oriented, provide perfect illumination for the products on sale, highlighting them and inviting customers to explore.

A key detail to the lighting success of the store was the meticulous planning through photometric calculations made using Dialux, ensuring the best distribution and light intensity in every corner of the shop.

This project demonstrates how, through a wise combination of design and lighting, it’s possible to transform a traditional space into a unique place where every detail is designed to surprise and engage the visitor. A pharmacy not just as a place of sale, but as a multisensory experience.

Products used
Spottone Round
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