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Colli D’Oro Pharmacy


In the heart of Rome, the Colli D’Oro Pharmacy stands out not only as a place of wellness and health but also as a masterpiece of lighting design. Designed by AMlab, this pharmacy distinguishes itself with its vision of being a “health salon”, a place where humanity and care come together.

Beyond its unique identity and its vision centered on human relationships, what truly illuminates the Colli D’Oro Pharmacy is its lighting. The lighting choice plays a key role in bringing the project’s vision to life: a warm, welcoming, and reassuring environment.

Spottone Round has been used to precisely highlight products, ensuring they are always at the center of attention, enhancing every detail and color. This type of lighting not only values the products but also creates focal points within the space, drawing the visitor’s eye.

For the pathways, Back ensures a delicate luminous transition, guiding customers through the store and making sure every corner is perfectly lit. This helps to create a sense of flow and movement within the pharmacy.
Lastly, Classic provides a distinctive luminous signature, tracing a path of light throughout the store. This lighting choice not only visually extends the space but also contributes to creating a consistent and enveloping atmosphere.

This balance between design and lighting transforms the Colli D’Oro Pharmacy into a place where customers not only receive advice for their health but also experience a sensory journey, immersed in an environment where every luminous detail has been perfected.

Products used
Spottone Round
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