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Contesta Rock Hair


In the heart of Florence, in Borgo la Croce, stands a hair salon with a unique atmosphere. A synergy between aesthetics and functionality: minimalist iron and wood furnishings blend with concrete floors, creating a sophisticated and modern contrast. Adding value and bringing these spaces to life are the LED lights Tube 6.0 and Tube 12.0. These luminous tubes, illuminating uniformly, transform the spaces, giving them an avant-garde design effect. Surprisingly, despite being so distinctive, these tubes, once lit, integrate so harmoniously with the environment that they almost “disappear.”

For those working in the hairdressing industry, lighting is of crucial importance. Lighting in a hair salon not only serves to illuminate but must ensure perfect visibility of shades and colors. Diffused light prevents the formation of shadows on clients’ faces, allowing professionals to work with precision. That’s why having a high color rendering index (CRI) is essential: it ensures that colors are as close to reality as possible, without distortions.

Our products, such as Tube 6.0 and Tube 12.0, are specifically designed with this philosophy in mind. Thanks to their advanced technology, they offer exceptional color rendering, which is indispensable to ensure that hair shades remain faithful to reality, both during cutting and coloring. Furthermore, the availability of Sunlike technology in our products simulates sunlight, providing natural and beneficial lighting for the human eye.

Using high-CRI lighting not only enhances the customer experience but also showcases the hairdresser’s work, highlighting every shade and detail. With the right lighting, the client can clearly see the end result, ensuring full satisfaction.

In summary, optimal lighting is the key to transforming a typical hair salon into a space of excellence, where attention to detail and customer needs go hand in hand. For those seeking hairdressing lighting that combines functionality, aesthetics, and cutting-edge technology, our products represent the ideal solution.

Products used
Tube 6.0
Tube 12.0
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