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Co-Working Space


An impressive co-working space project designed to be a multifunctional environment for offices, bars, and meeting areas. The architectural style is bold and industrial, featuring concrete floors, raw ceilings with exposed pipes and utilities.

Over 400 Tube 6.0 LED suspended light tubes were installed, providing a uniform and enveloping light. These light tubes bring a modern design to the spaces without visually cluttering the area, thanks to their all-encompassing nature. They seamlessly integrate into the environment, offering diffused light that embraces every corner.

The regulation of light intensity was made possible through a DALI dimming system, all coordinated with light sensors. These intelligent sensors allow the lighting to adapt based on the natural light available in the environment, resulting in energy consumption reduction of up to 75%.

In this project, lighting is not just a matter of design but also of energy efficiency and user comfort. With Essenzialed, we have created a co-working space that blends industrial style with cutting-edge lighting solutions, providing an ideal environment for work and socialization.

Products used
Tube 6.0
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