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Gran Rondò Shopping Center


At the shopping center in Crema, the Gran Rondò, inaugurated in 1997, a design revolution was born. In 2020, the decision to completely renovate this space was driven by a strong desire for modernity and innovation. The project aimed not only to aesthetically update the center but to transform it into a unique experience for visitors.

In this context, the choice of lighting played a fundamental role. For the lower areas, suggestive curved light cuts were created with “Uniform,” evoking the image of sinuous plant branches. The installation was made impeccable thanks to the use of trimless formworks, ensuring a flush result without interruptions. On the ceiling, “Enterprise” was introduced, a design solution that combines a luminous ring with integrated LED spots. We varied the diameters to create a dynamic play of light and movement.

However, the true star lies in the main gallery, where imposing luminous rings “3e14” are suspended. With varying diameters (85cm, 150cm, and 300cm), these rings not only light up but enrich the space with a contemporary and elegant aura.

For the entrances, we opted for “Back” recessed spotlights and the “Inside” linear system. Priority was given to light quality, opting for a high chromatic yield (CRI95). This ensures optimal visual comfort, creating an inviting and relaxing atmosphere.

Beyond aesthetics, the update had significant practical benefits. The transition to LED technology meant a reduction in energy costs for the shopping center. At the same time, the renewed design attracted new retail chains, solidifying Gran Rondò as a benchmark in Crema’s commercial scene.

Ercole Barbati
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