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Blender Agency


Blender Agency, a cutting-edge fashion and clothing store, turned to us for a lighting project that reflected their brand identity. At the heart of this realization were the PWXL pendant lamps in elegant matte pink. This color was chosen in harmony with their logo, creating a visual coherence that captures the essence of Blender Agency.

The custom-made PWXL lamps were designed as imposing suspended rectangles, creating evocative lines of light within the store environment. This bespoke lighting has helped transform the space, lending a contemporary style and a touch of sophistication to the entire display area.

Customization was key to this project. The lamps are equipped with Tunable White technology, offering a range of shades from a warm light of 2700K to a cooler light of 5700K. This versatility allows Blender Agency to tailor the lighting to different collections and atmospheres within the store.

The Casambi control system allows for simple and complete management of the lights, enabling the creation of dynamic and welcoming scenarios in tune with the latest fashion trends.

This project demonstrates how customized lighting can enhance the shopping experience, creating a unique environment.

Photograph by Magnus Nordstrand

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