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Private Residence


In a modern residence nestled among the enchanting hills of Bergamo, we had the opportunity to collaborate and bring to life an extraordinary lighting project. The house, with its ultramodern design, demanded an equally innovative lighting approach to enhance its architectural essence.

The primary goal here was to create a diffused and uniform light, completely eliminating shadows. The client desired a lighting scheme devoid of contrasts, flat, and relaxing. To achieve this outcome, we chose the QUADRO 30W/m dimmable DALI product, positioned on the ceiling. This choice allowed for the dispersion of homogeneous light that gently embraced every corner of the house, imparting an inviting, minimal, and decidedly modern ambiance.

In areas where wooden beams were prominently featured, we introduced the ANGLE product. These lines of light brought forth a diffused illumination that elegantly leveraged the architectural characteristics of the wooden beams, crafting a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

This project showcased how lighting can be a crucial element in creating modern and comfortable environments. With Essenzialed, we transformed this residence in the Bergamo hills into an oasis of uniform, shadow-free light, perfectly reflecting our client’s vision.

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