In the heart of Florence, in Borgo la Croce, stands a hair salon with a unique atmosphere. A synergy between aesthetics and functionality: minimalist iron and wood furnishings blend with concrete floors, creating a sophisticated and modern contrast. Adding value and bringing these spaces to life are the LED lights Tube 6.0 and Tube 12.0. These luminous tubes, illuminating uniformly, transform the spaces, giving them an avant-garde design effect. Surprisingly, despite being so distinctive, these tubes, once lit, integrate so harmoniously with the environment that they almost “disappear.”

For those working in the hairdressing industry, lighting is of crucial importance. Lighting in a hair salon not only serves to illuminate but must ensure perfect visibility of shades and colors. Diffused light prevents the formation of shadows on clients’ faces, allowing professionals to work with precision. That’s why having a high color rendering index (CRI) is essential: it ensures that colors are as close to reality as possible, without distortions.

Our products, such as Tube 6.0 and Tube 12.0, are specifically designed with this philosophy in mind. Thanks to their advanced technology, they offer exceptional color rendering, which is indispensable to ensure that hair shades remain faithful to reality, both during cutting and coloring. Furthermore, the availability of Sunlike technology in our products simulates sunlight, providing natural and beneficial lighting for the human eye.

Using high-CRI lighting not only enhances the customer experience but also showcases the hairdresser’s work, highlighting every shade and detail. With the right lighting, the client can clearly see the end result, ensuring full satisfaction.

In summary, optimal lighting is the key to transforming a typical hair salon into a space of excellence, where attention to detail and customer needs go hand in hand. For those seeking hairdressing lighting that combines functionality, aesthetics, and cutting-edge technology, our products represent the ideal solution.

At the shopping center in Crema, the Gran Rondò, inaugurated in 1997, a design revolution was born. In 2020, the decision to completely renovate this space was driven by a strong desire for modernity and innovation. The project aimed not only to aesthetically update the center but to transform it into a unique experience for visitors.

In this context, the choice of lighting played a fundamental role. For the lower areas, suggestive curved light cuts were created with “Uniform,” evoking the image of sinuous plant branches. The installation was made impeccable thanks to the use of trimless formworks, ensuring a flush result without interruptions. On the ceiling, “Enterprise” was introduced, a design solution that combines a luminous ring with integrated LED spots. We varied the diameters to create a dynamic play of light and movement.

However, the true star lies in the main gallery, where imposing luminous rings “3e14” are suspended. With varying diameters (85cm, 150cm, and 300cm), these rings not only light up but enrich the space with a contemporary and elegant aura.

For the entrances, we opted for “Back” recessed spotlights and the “Inside” linear system. Priority was given to light quality, opting for a high chromatic yield (CRI95). This ensures optimal visual comfort, creating an inviting and relaxing atmosphere.

Beyond aesthetics, the update had significant practical benefits. The transition to LED technology meant a reduction in energy costs for the shopping center. At the same time, the renewed design attracted new retail chains, solidifying Gran Rondò as a benchmark in Crema’s commercial scene.

In the heart of Rome, the Colli D’Oro Pharmacy stands out not only as a place of wellness and health but also as a masterpiece of lighting design. Designed by AMlab, this pharmacy distinguishes itself with its vision of being a “health salon”, a place where humanity and care come together.

Beyond its unique identity and its vision centered on human relationships, what truly illuminates the Colli D’Oro Pharmacy is its lighting. The lighting choice plays a key role in bringing the project’s vision to life: a warm, welcoming, and reassuring environment.

Spottone Round has been used to precisely highlight products, ensuring they are always at the center of attention, enhancing every detail and color. This type of lighting not only values the products but also creates focal points within the space, drawing the visitor’s eye.

For the pathways, Back ensures a delicate luminous transition, guiding customers through the store and making sure every corner is perfectly lit. This helps to create a sense of flow and movement within the pharmacy.
Lastly, Classic provides a distinctive luminous signature, tracing a path of light throughout the store. This lighting choice not only visually extends the space but also contributes to creating a consistent and enveloping atmosphere.

This balance between design and lighting transforms the Colli D’Oro Pharmacy into a place where customers not only receive advice for their health but also experience a sensory journey, immersed in an environment where every luminous detail has been perfected.

Imagine walking into a pharmacy and feeling as if you’ve stepped into a luxury retail space. This is the experience when entering the pharmacy designed and constructed by AMlab in Brescia. A place aiming to break the conventional perception of pharmacies by introducing an innovative space with a sophisticated design.

The first visual impact comes from the polygonal shapes that span from the ceiling to the walls, creating a three-dimensional effect. Complementing this ceiling perfectly, our Wide pendant lights follow its design, ensuring uniform lighting and creating a warm and enveloping atmosphere. And it’s not just about aesthetics: all the lights used boast a high color rendering index of CRI95, ensuring every product is illuminated in its truest, most natural light.

The perimeter furnishings, which house the products, shine brightly under our Spottone Round lights. These lights, with their ability to be pulled out and oriented, provide perfect illumination for the products on sale, highlighting them and inviting customers to explore.

A key detail to the lighting success of the store was the meticulous planning through photometric calculations made using Dialux, ensuring the best distribution and light intensity in every corner of the shop.

This project demonstrates how, through a wise combination of design and lighting, it’s possible to transform a traditional space into a unique place where every detail is designed to surprise and engage the visitor. A pharmacy not just as a place of sale, but as a multisensory experience.

Bardolino, a sparkling gem on the eastern shores of Lake Garda, is known not only for its famous wine but also for its romantic atmosphere and picturesque lakeside promenade. A town that blends history, natural beauty, and winemaking tradition, Bardolino is a must-visit for those exploring the Veneto region.

In this enchanting setting stands the “Clairà” clothing store. Lighting in any retail space holds the power to enhance the customer experience, and here at Clairà, it’s no different. Advanced design using Dialux allowed the client to visualize the final effect, adding a new dimension to the presentation of clothing items. With different areas characterized by various materials and colors, lighting design and renders were essential to ensure consistent and captivating illumination.

The 1500mm diameter “3e14” lamps with direct and indirect light bring style and elegance to the store, creating an atmosphere of soft, diffused light. While “Mood” and “Revolver” were chosen to highlight the side display walls, “Zeta+” was customized by adding 10 cm to the stem for a perfect installation behind the coffered ceiling.

The high color rendering of all these products ensures that each piece of clothing is presented in its true light, enhancing every shade of color and fabric, an essential detail in a quality fashion store.

In one of Bergen’s charming streets, we had the privilege of illuminating the store of Camila Pihl, a renowned figure in the world of fashion and lifestyle. This retail space, constructed predominantly with natural materials, stands out for its extensive use of wood, which brings a sense of warmth and authenticity to the environment.

Simplicity and a clean, sophisticated design were the cornerstones of this project, and the lighting choice played a pivotal role in accentuating these features. The ambient light, sourced from QUADRO, delicately bathes the space, while for specific details and spotlights, ZETA+ was selected. To cater to the specific needs of this project, we customized ZETA+ by extending its stem, enabling it to connect to the track placed behind the beams.

A standout feature of the store are the lateral hanging tubes, realized with LightPillar. These luminous glass tubes, with aluminum ends, suspended by elegant leather ropes, add a distinctive and refined touch to the environment.

The quality of the lighting is ensured by a high color rendering (CRI95), and the entire installation is managed precisely and flexibly through the Casambi system, allowing for optimal customization of lighting based on the diverse needs of the space.

In summary, every lighting detail was carefully considered to ensure that Camila Pihl’s store in Bergen was not just a shopping venue, but an immersive experience for the senses.

Photograph Trine Merete Olsen

Nestled in one of the most refined corners of Bertrange, Luxembourg, stands the luxury jewelry store “Windeshausen Joailliers”. This establishment serves as a beacon for those seeking the most prestigious watch and jewelry brands, such as Rolex, IWC, Cartier, Chanel, and many more.

The lighting challenge was to accentuate these masterpieces without overshadowing them. Thanks to a fruitful collaboration with D&sign srl, the furniture designers, we crafted a lighting scheme that seamlessly integrates into the furnishings and ceilings, making the item for sale the centerpiece.

For the furniture, we selected “PILLAR” in both Recessed and Bridge variants. A unique feature of PILLAR is its Tunable White technology. With alternating LEDs from 2700K to 5700K, it achieves a CRI of 97. The CRI, or Color Rendering Index, measures the ability of a light source to reveal the true colors of objects in comparison to natural light. A common challenge for LEDs is saturating the R9 band of red, which is crucial for accurate color rendering. Yet, PILLAR surpasses this hurdle, boasting R9 values above 90.

Illuminating natural gemstones can be complex due to their refraction and reflection properties. Every gem has its uniqueness, and to enhance it, precise light projection is essential. This is where we excel: PILLAR’s LEDs are encapsulated in optics that focus and direct the light squarely onto the gems, highlighting every hue and sparkle.

Every light in the store is controlled by Casambi, a system that simplifies the management of Tunable White. This allows for the customization of the lighting for each showcase, adjusting the hue and intensity perfectly for each displayed jewel or watch. In doing so, not only is each piece guaranteed to shine at its best, but it also ensures customers perceive every detail in its natural magnificence.

In the captivating landscape of Saint Moritz, where snow-covered mountains set the backdrop for tales of luxury and tradition, emerges an architectural masterpiece: a luxury hotel crafted from the renovation of an old farmhouse.
This structure blends historic charm with modern opulence, paying homage to its roots through the preservation of wooden ceilings and stone load-bearing walls, while indulging in furnishings, floors, and carpets of pure elegance and luxury.

The challenge was twofold: to ensure lighting that could enhance every single detail of this elite structure while maintaining a discreet approach that wouldn’t compromise the authentic aesthetics of the spaces. The chosen solution was to opt for linear lights seamlessly integrated into the furnishings, beams, walls, and coves. This choice not only allowed the light sources to “disappear” in the eyes of the guests but also created exciting and suggestive lighting effects that interact with surfaces and spaces, emphasizing the depth and character of the environments.

Thanks to this meticulous lighting design, every room in the hotel transforms into a unique experience: from the soft light that enhances the textures of luxurious carpets to the grazing light that highlights the roughness and history of stone walls, and the concealed lights in the ceiling beams that provide an intimate and welcoming atmosphere.

In conclusion, this renovation in Saint Moritz represents a perfect fusion of tradition and innovation, where lighting plays a key role in enhancing elegance and luxury without ever overshadowing the authenticity and character of the original structure.

An impressive co-working space project designed to be a multifunctional environment for offices, bars, and meeting areas. The architectural style is bold and industrial, featuring concrete floors, raw ceilings with exposed pipes and utilities.

Over 400 Tube 6.0 LED suspended light tubes were installed, providing a uniform and enveloping light. These light tubes bring a modern design to the spaces without visually cluttering the area, thanks to their all-encompassing nature. They seamlessly integrate into the environment, offering diffused light that embraces every corner.

The regulation of light intensity was made possible through a DALI dimming system, all coordinated with light sensors. These intelligent sensors allow the lighting to adapt based on the natural light available in the environment, resulting in energy consumption reduction of up to 75%.

In this project, lighting is not just a matter of design but also of energy efficiency and user comfort. With Essenzialed, we have created a co-working space that blends industrial style with cutting-edge lighting solutions, providing an ideal environment for work and socialization.

The primary challenge was to adapt the lighting to artworks with ever-changing shapes and dimensions while maintaining true-to-life color rendering. To achieve this goal, we employed Sunlike technology, ensuring impeccable color accuracy.

The cornerstone of this solution was Essenzialed’s ZETA + system. Compact yet powerful, ZETA + offers a wide range of interchangeable optics that can be replaced on-site. This feature allowed us to precisely tailor the beam openings and lighting effects for each artwork. To ensure complete control over the lighting, each product is equipped with the Casambi system, enabling precise management of each spotlight. Every artwork deserves the right light, and with Casambi and a comprehensive range of optics and filters, this possibility became a tangible reality.

Quoting the words of Vincent van Gogh, the famous Dutch painter, *”Light is a remarkable thing; just a little light is enough to see, but too much light blinds.”* This project exemplifies the crucial importance of light in contemporary art, showcasing how it can unveil the hidden beauty of artworks. With Essenzialed, we have turned this vision into reality.