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We offer a range of advanced and customized lighting products and systems for the retail, office, museum, and large commercial areas. We specialize in providing indoor architectural lighting solutions that combine high color rendering, visual comfort, and innovative technologies such as Tunable White light and wireless control via Casambi. With a strong focus on energy efficiency and the ability to create bespoke products, we are ready to meet your most demanding needs.

Retail lighting demands a unique combination of aesthetics, functionality, engaging visual effects, and efficiency. Our products are specifically designed to highlight merchandise, create captivating atmospheres, and guide customers along the purchasing path. Our range of lighting solutions offers limitless flexibility to adapt to your design requirements and make the most of exhibition space.

Our commitment to high color rendering ensures that product colors are accurately and faithfully presented. Essenzialed’s indoor architectural lighting offers excellent color fidelity, bringing out the best in product shades, textures, and nuances. With our high color rendering products, we can create environments that capture customers’ attention and encourage them to explore and interact with the displayed products.

Visual comfort is a top priority for us. We understand the importance of creating lighting that is pleasing to your customers’ eyes and industry professionals. Our products are designed to reduce visual fatigue and create a comfortable environment, allowing visitors to effortlessly and enjoyably explore your store. Essenzialed lighting is the perfect choice to ensure maximum visual comfort without compromising aesthetics.

Tunable White light and the circadian rhythm are increasingly important aspects of architectural lighting. We offer Tunable White lighting solutions in most of our products, allowing you to adjust the color temperature to match different times of the day and support occupants’ well-being. This innovative technology can create different atmospheres, promoting relaxation or stimulating focus, depending on specific area requirements.

We understand that every project is unique and special. That’s why we offer a custom light production service to meet your specific needs. Our expert lighting designers are ready to collaborate and create personalized solutions that perfectly align with your concept design vision.

Casambi management is a fundamental part of our lighting offering for the retail and store sectors. With wireless control via Casambi, you can easily and intuitively manage and control the lighting in your environment. You can create customized lighting scenarios, adjust light intensity, and create dynamic effects to adapt the atmosphere to different needs and occasions. Wireless control offers flexibility and ease of use, allowing you to harness the full potential of our lighting solutions while creating a more sustainable system by reducing wiring and analog controls.

Energy efficiency is a core value for us. All our products are designed with a focus on energy efficiency, ensuring reduced consumption without compromising light quality. Thanks to advanced LED technology, our lighting solutions offer significant energy savings compared to traditional lighting sources or older-generation LEDs. We are committed to providing products that help you lower energy costs and contribute to a more sustainable environment without compromising lighting excellence.

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