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Lighting for jewellers

Lighting for jewellery, in particular display cases, is very important because it greatly affects the appearance of the product. We have designed a specific line of products ranging from GLITTER-effect lamps that enhance the shine of diamonds, to rod elements that can be positioned anywhere in the case.  In addition to the type of lamp to illuminate cases, the type of light, hot, natural or cold, with all the different shades is very important.  Within our range you will be able to choose the desired colour grade between 3000° K, 4000° K and 6000° K or, for those businesses that exhibit various types of jewellery where the light cannot always be fixed, we introduced the DYNAMIC option. Dynamic allows the same lamp to obtain all the colour grades from 2700° K to 5700° K selectable depending on the object to be lit. For example, for yellow or pink gold lighting, it is better to have a warm light to maximize the shades of gold. To light Diamonds and Chromed Materials, it is best to have a cold light around 5400° K. For fabric bracelets and watches, a neutral light around 4000° K is ideal. One light body and the entire white light colour range to illuminate the items in the best way. Lighting for jewellers in this way has 100% of the possible flexibility.  Selecting the light colour grade and intensity can be done with Smartphone and Tablet by downloading a simple APP, where you can manage each case individually and memorise various scenarios to activate according to the items on display.  You can also control lights using a wireless remote control. Visit the jewellery-specific products page.