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LED Lighting for Office, Bar, Restaurants…

A new range of LED track lighting for offices, bars, restaurants, hotels, etc. is available as of January 2015.

The POWER IN series is ideal for any setting thanks to its simple and modern design. The bigger and more powerful POWER IN XL is perfect for office lighting that, from the base version, assures 520 Lux on the desk when suspended 2.5 metres off the ground. Those who love everything round will go crazy for the TUBE, line, perfect light distribution tubes available in 3 different sizes. With TUBE, LED office lighting is more extensive and softer. Thanks to Essenzialed Led systems you can request the format you want, since it is produced custom made. More than 30 powers available for each lamp, and you can also choose the colour grade, warm white or natural white. Light is emitted from 1000 lumens per metre up to 5000 lumens per linear metre, to be defined according to environments and needs. Please contact us to learn more.